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Western Dresses effect on India dresses | new fancy dresses for girls - TRYFA

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India has been always known for its own tradition and culture from the time of the King and Maharaja. Since the British colonialism, Indian culture has been significantly affected by the West. Be it food stuff or clothing, everything changing so rapidly that no one has time to think over it. Everybody is flowing with the latest fashion trends and not just that, they also wait eagerly for these western dresses, no matter what amount of money need to pay for buying these dresses.
Blouses, Conventional sarees,salwarkameezes and necklines are have undergone a great changes. Now the Indian fashion trend has not a touch that used to be prior. In fact, it is being influenced with the West design and it seems like the days are not far off when people will forget the Indian culture and clothing style completely.
So it won’t be wrong to say that Indian fashion designers are crazy about creating and producing the western design clothes owing to the people huge craze towards the western dresses. They work day and night in order to meet the demand and choice of the people.
Let’s see some of the Western influences on Indian dresses:

Short- Style Kurtis

A couple of years ago, traditionalkurtis with intense prints were famous among the masses. However, they are still in demand and being worn by a majority of the women, yet short-style kurtis with bridle neck lines are giving their traditional partner a tough competition. Prior, kurtis were worn alongside chudidars, however today wearing them over pants and jeans is the most recent Indian fashion.

Casual Crinkled Crepes & A-Lined Skirts

Lehangas is among one of the adorable clothes that are worn among all age groups. Now, it has evolved into a casual crinkled crepes and A-linked skirts which are considered as party dresses for girls and worn on the special occasion of social gathering and an informal meeting.

Half-Lehenga Style Saree

Saree is mainly used to wear during weddings, parties and religious functions. It has been customized mixing both the saree and lehenga into a single wear. This is pretty comfortable for those women who are not well-acquainted with the traditional sarees.
Strap & Halter Neck Blouses

Prior and even now, long-sleeved and short-sleeved blouses are popular among ladies. Owing to the western influences, or say with the advent of latest technologies and prints, these types of blouses have also started making inroads.   

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